Freediving With Julia. An Experience.

You are here because you are extremely curious. 

What is all of this Freediving chat that is circumnavigating the globe, clogging up your social media feed!? Well, it's time to take your first steps into the blue world on one breath and guess what, you hold the inner ability to unlock your superhuman mamalian powers and have come to the right place.

Julia will take you to her favourite blue space and hold your hand the entire way with lots of laughs and guidance - until you let go and swim off... or walk off underwater, which you will.

The Course...

This course is a super cool experiment into the world of you and experiencing what you are actually capable of (not kidding). We focus on the basic breath hold and your physiology, breath holding techniques, duckdives and equalisation. 



[$200 PP - Minimum of 2 people]

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[1 day]

What to Bring

  • Mask
  • Fins
  • Wetsuit 
  • Towel
  • Bathers
  • Sunscreen 

Julia Wheeler. Photograph By Christian Coulombe

Julia Wheeler. Photograph By Christian Coulombe