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Freediver Instructor, explorer and photographer, Julia Wheeler freediving with sharks & WWII plane wrecks in Tahiti, deep ship wrecks of the Solomon Islands, Manta Rays in Komodo and plastic in Indonesia. Footage of Julia filmed by @smartshot_christian.coulombe @denistemae @alexymolchanov

Julia explores Tahiti's plane wrecks on one breath, December 2017.

Julia Wheeler films herself and friend, Trista Fontana, freediving through approximately three tonnes of man made rubbish floating through the ocean. 

A video that has circulated the globe across multiple social media and news platforms with an accumulated 2 million views within 2 days. 

Julia Wheeler was horrified upon encountering the mass of human waste products including plastic bags, bottles, wrappers and containers that were trapping and suffocating marine life.