Mind really is over matter. 

How much access do we really have over our mind and body?

The answer is easy; as much as you want to. 

In October 2016, Julia Wheeler joined her fellow freediving community in Amed, Bali, for what she thought would be another underwater photography event to capture. Two days before the competition, her friends, including the Australian female champion asked her to join in as they were short of competitors. The rest is history; Julia  placed third in the 2016 Australian Championships, going on to compete in a number of competition including  represent Australia in the World Freediving Championships - finishing as the 2nd Australian and 12th overall female and ranking her as 11th Female freediver in the world in 2017.  

Be who you want to be or there’s no point being anyone at all
— Julia Wheeler 2018


Hear Julia talk about the process, the downfalls (literally) and her way of conquering fear of pressing forward - not only as a professional freediver, as an investigative Journalist breaking stories on the frontline of anti-poaching and creating content that reaches millions around the plight of our oceans. Julia highlights the very thing that stops all of us from reaching our goals and how to break the barriers that create this unlawful approach. 

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