Humpback Whale Encounter, Tahiti

Finally, after a long year of Frediving competition, including representing Australia and placing 12th overall in the World Freediving Championships, I am able to take a small holiday in the pristine waters of Tahiti. This beautiful archipelago, located in the South Pacific, is something else. Lush green landscapes, torquiest waters, the most stunning array of marine life and as much pineapple as you can possible wish for. 

During this trip, I spend several days on pursuit for on of the most majestic and ultimately gargantuan mammals of the animal kingdom; the Humpback Whale. Having never freedived with the Humpbacks, it took a few days for me to adapt in the presence of such free-willed and powerful animals.

Patience is a virtue. On my sixth encounter, a baby (35 tonne baby) Humpback took a liking to my Mono Fin and I and we spend forty five minutes playing together - yes, playing. Humpback Whales communicate with their body language! And every position that I rolled into, she would do the same. It was absolutely incredible!

Julia Wheeler